Road excavations

ecolsea Scavi stradali

The wide range of services offered by our company also includes road excavations, both obligatory and traditional.

Thanks to our equipment as well as technologies with limited environmental impact, which allow us to limit the quantities of special waste generated by the excavation, contain its energy consumption, noise and air pollution and significantly reduce the execution times of the activities, we can provide for the excavation for the subsequent burial of Imhoff pits or biological pits, as well as excavation and restoration operations for the installation of optical fibre and digital infrastructures in general, both in urban and extra-urban areas.

In the field of fibre optic laying, we deal with:

  • Dismantling of road pavements
  • Laying (in trenches, piping, aerial) of fibre optic and copper cables
  • Preparation of infrastructures for the transformation of the terminal network from external to internal: laying of ducts, spinning and installation of cabinets
  • Laying of tritubes, pipes and wells
  • Excavations and backfills
  • Restoration of floors

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