Auto-purge services

autospurgo 3

These are aimed at individuals and companies who have to manage emergencies or who simply need a reliable partner for the routine maintenance of sewers, cesspools, biological pits and pipelines in general.

Our purge trucks have a capacity of 4,000 litres for the transport of non-hazardous waste and 6,400 litres for the transport of waste, including hazardous and ADR waste.

Their small dimensions make them ideal for use in places that are difficult to access and are equipped with a channel jet system, a high-pressure washing system that is particularly effective because it allows you to push the tube, equipped with a special nozzle, deep along the ducts, thus eliminating scaling and clogging quickly.

In detail, our range of self-cleaning services consists of:

  • Purge cesspools
  • Purge septic tanks
  • Sewer purge
  • Imhoff pit purge
  • Emptying and washing gratings
  • Emptying and washing of settling tanks, canteen tanks
  • Cleaning and unplugging pipes
  • Flooded premises drainage
  • Cleaning of cavities, road loopholes, lifting stations
  • Cleaning and washing underground and non-interred tanks

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