Reclamation of contaminated sites

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Reclamation of contaminated sites: regulatory framework and definitions

The reference law text for this sector is Legislative Decree 152/06 and subsequent amendments “Environmental regulations” and specifically Part Four, Title V “Remediation of contaminated sites”, which identifies the remediation and environmental restoration of contaminated sites and indicates the procedures for carrying out the activities of elimination of sources of pollution and for the reduction of concentrations of polluting substances.

Contamination Threshold Concentrations (CTC)

They represent the levels of contamination of the environmental matrices above which site characterisation and site-specific risk analysis are necessary

Risk Threshold Concentrations (RTC)

They represent those levels of contamination of the environmental matrices whose overcoming requires safety and reclamation. They constitute the acceptability levels for the site in question.

Potentially contaminated site

A site where the detected concentration of at least one parameter sought is higher than the Contamination Threshold Concentrations.

Contaminated Site

A site where the detected concentration of at least one parameter sought is higher than the Risk Threshold Concentrations, defined through the site-specific risk analysis.

Reclamation of contaminated sites: how we intervene

In the event of remediation of sites defined as polluted, we take care of all the phases and activities required by law. In detail, we guarantee our customers:

  • emergency safety works: removal of waste, emptying of tanks, collection of hazardous substances; pumping of underground and surface floating liquids; installation of fences and containment works; temporary roofing and waterproofing.
  • operational safety works: interventions applied on sites contaminated with production activities in operation, aimed at minimising or reducing the risk to human or environmental health through the containment of contaminants within the boundaries of the site.
  • remediation and environmental restoration/permanent safety: that is, all interventions that can be carried out on contaminated sites not affected by production activities in operation.

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