Environmental consultancy

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Our staff has a deep knowledge and experience in waste management and the documentation related to its management.

Those who choose Ecol Sea can count on a team that will guide them in the compilation and management of all documentation at an environmental level and on a network of professionals and consultants who will support them towards the correct management of their waste.

From a documentary point of view, our team will provide its advice for the correct compilation of the Loading and Unloading Register and the preparation of the EPD.


Under Article 190 of Legislative Decree 152/2006, it is the document where all waste loading and unloading operations are recorded.

Theloading and unloading registersare numbered, endorsed and managed in accordance with the procedures and protocols established by the legislation on VAT registers. The obligations related to the keeping of the loading and unloading registers are understood to be correctly fulfilled even if A4 paper, duly numbered, is used. The registers are numbered and endorsed by the relative Chambers of Commerce.

Persons required to compile and keep records:

  • initial bodies and undertakings producing special hazardous wastes and initial bodies and undertakings producing special non-hazardous wastes from industrial and craft processing and special non-hazardous wastes from purification and other water treatment, sewage treatment and smoke abatement;
  • other holders of waste, such as bodies and undertakings collecting and transporting the waste or carrying out preparation for re-use and treatment, recovery and disposal operations, including new producers and, in the case of intermodal transport, the persons to whom the special waste is entrusted pending its acceptance by the ship or railway undertaking or the undertaking which carries out the subsequent transport in the Sistri sector;
  • waste brokers and dealers

Notes and deadlines

Information on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the waste must be recorded in the loading and unloading register.

Annotations must be made:

  • for the initial producer bodies and undertakings, within ten working days of production and unloading;
  • for institutions and undertakings carrying out preparatory operations for re-use, within 10 working days of taking charge of the waste and the discharge of the waste originating from that activity;
  • for institutions and undertakings carrying out processing operations, within two working days of taking charge and the conclusion of the processing operation;
  • for intermediaries and traders, at least two working days before the start of the operation and within ten working days after the conclusion of the operation.



The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which contains the qualitative and quantitative data on waste produced, transported and treated in the previous year, shall be submitted to the Chambers of Commerce by 30 April each year.

Obligated parties

  • Anyone who collects and transports waste in a professional capacity;
  • Merchants and intermediaries of waste without possession;
  • Companies and entities that carry out waste recovery and disposal operations;
  • Initial companies and bodies producing hazardous waste;
  • Agricultural companies that produce hazardous waste with an annual turnover of more than € 8,000.00;
  • Producing companies and bodies that have more than ten employees and are initial producers of non-hazardous waste deriving from industrial processing, artisanal processing and waste recovery and disposal activities, sludge produced by drinking water treatment and other water treatment and waste water purification and smoke abatement.


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