Collection, transport and dispatch for disposal of animal by-products

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Disposal of animal by-products

Our services also include the disposal of animal by-products, dealing in particular with what comes from primary processing (processing plants, slaughterhouses, etc.) and retailers (butchers, fishmongers, supermarkets, etc.), as well as the carcasses of pets, breeding animals, experimental animals, etc.

We are regularly registered, pursuant to D.A. No. 2441/2013, on the Sintesi system for the transport of animal by-products – category 1 and category 3 and this activity has been assigned the approval number ABP 4732.

Regulatory references

As for waste, the reference law text is Legislative Decree no. 152/06 and subsequent amendments, in this case, the sector is regulated by EC Regulation no. 1069/2009. 1069/2009. Here are brief definitions of the categories we have authorisation for.

Animal by-products are subdivided by this Regulation into specific categories that reflect their level of risk to public and animal health.

Category 1:

Whole bodies and all parts thereof, including hides and skins, of animals suspected of being infected with TSEs (transmissible spongiform encephalopathies) per Regulation (EC) No. 999/2001 or in which the presence of a TSE has been officially confirmed; animals slaughtered in the framework of TSE eradication measures; animals which are neither farmed animals nor wild animals, such as pet animals, zoo animals and circus animals; animals used for experiments; wild animals, if they are suspected of being infected with diseases communicable to humans or animals; whole bodies, or parts thereof, of dead animals containing specified risk material at the time of disposal; food waste from means of transport carrying out international journeys; mixtures of Category 1 material with Category 2 and/or Category 3 material.

Category 3:

Carcasses and parts of slaughtered animals or, in the case of wild game, bodies or parts of slaughtered animals, declared fit for human consumption under EC legislation but not intended for human consumption for commercial reasons; carcasses and parts thereof derived from animals slaughtered in a slaughterhouse and considered fit for slaughter for human consumption after ante-mortem examination or bodies and parts thereof for wild game animals slaughtered for human consumption: heads of poultry, hides and skins, horns, pig bristles, feathers; by-products of origin animal derived from the manufacture of products intended for human consumption, including greaves, defatted bones and centrifuge or separator sludges resulting from milk processing; products of animal origin, or foodstuffs containing products of animal origin, which are no longer intended for human consumption for commercial reasons or because of manufacturing problems or packaging defects or other defects which do not present a risk to public or animal health; aquatic animals and parts of such animals, except marine mammals, which did not show any signs of diseases communicable to humans or animals; by-products of incubation centres, eggs, egg by-products, including egg shells; catering waste other than those mentioned in category 1

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